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No Tech Tears, Just Digital Cheers.
Let's build something awesome!

We speak the language of the web. Let's build something that gets noticed like: Digital Cards, Websites, Copy Writing, Graphics, Videos, Social Media Management, Digital Softwares and many more...

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Take charge of your best-selling products, services, or trending items effortlessly. Enjoy complete control with our user-friendly software, allowing you to effortlessly upload up to 10 images without text below.


Unlock the power of our Offer Box

Seamlessly integrated into every business card across your city or target area, our Offer Box ensures your promotions reach a vast audience, maximizing your client base. Elevate your marketing strategy today – contact us to learn more. Stay tuned for the launch of this game-changing feature!

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To facilitate a seamless service experience, we kindly request that payments be made in advance. Your cooperation in this matter is greatly appreciated, and it ensures the timely commencement of our high-quality services.

When using the Payment Gateway, a 3% additional charge for payment gateway fees applies.


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Presenting a demonstration of our versatile sales page, showcased as a dynamic digital menu. It can seamlessly transform to cater to various business types, including but not limited to Services, Products, Interior or Exterior Designs Portfolio, Other Portfolios, Real Estate, Mobile Business, IT Business, and more. The adaptability of our platform ensures it aligns perfectly with your unique business needs.

We would like to inform you that additional features or addons may incur an additional charge. We appreciate your understanding and are happy to provide more details upon request.

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Put this QR code everywhere to get noticed more. We'll design a standee for you at no extra cost. Simply print it out on a sunboard and display it outside your store for maximum exposure.

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Why Go Digital with Your Business Card?

Never worry about losing touch with your customers. Whether it's a change in your phone number, a social media account getting blocked, or any unforeseen circumstances, maintain seamless connections with your customers, clients, or leads. Stay effortlessly connected through any situation.

Digital Business Card
Printed Visiting Card

Printed Visiting Card Digital Business Card
Limited Space for Information 100GB Gallery Space for Extensive Showcase
No Web Presence Web Hosting Included for Online Visibility
Not Easily Shareable WhatsApp Share without Saving Number
Static Design Dynamic and Customizable Design
Reprinting Required to Update Any-time Modification for Updated Details
No Background Options Background Change Option
No Animation Animated Background
Fixed Services/Products Add/Remove Services/Products Anytime
No Social Media Integration All Social Media Linked for Easy Access
No QR Code Payment Option QR Code Payment (UPI) for Instant Transactions
No Video Capability Video Option for Rich Multimedia Experience
No External Link Buttons 5 Beautiful External Link Buttons
Data Collection Challenges Easy Customer Data Collection and Database
No Payment Collection Integration Payment Gateway Integration for Seamless Transactions
No Contact Saving Feature Single Click to Save All Contact Details
Fixed Cost Low Monthly/Annual Price during Offer Period
N/A Subdomain Free for Easy Access
N/A QR Code for link Included
N/A Can Increase Followers and Likes on Social Media Platforms
N/A Google Reviews and Ratings Enhancement

Go Digital - Go Green

Save Paper - Save Trees - Save Environment

Elevate your professional image with a DIGITAL BUSINESS CARD.


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